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Air Conditioning Atlanta

- air-conditioning or AC (Air Conditioner), many and varied forms. Now even in every home is equipped with air conditioning, due to the increasingly hot air only. Not only indoor home air conditioning was there, but AC can we find in almost all cars, malls, hospitals, even a music studio. Well for you who feel have air conditioning, here I will share a complete guide to maintain and repair air conditioners.

Buku Panduan Lengkap Merawat dan Memperbaiki AC
With you can maintain and repair air conditioning, you will be able to save on maintenance costs or repairs. Therefore, in addition you can use the AC is a good idea also to maintain and repair air conditioner itself.

A complete handbook care and repair air conditioning in writing by June Handoko, measuring 15.5 x 23.5 cm books, thick books 96 (BW) + 8 (FC), pp. Book printing: 4, Publisher: Kawan Pustaka, ISBN: 979-757-214-9.

A little picture of the contents of the book (summary):

Whatever the brand, home air conditioning unit to function conditioned room temperature to conform with the wishes of its users. Diembuskan cool air that is ventilated room. Furthermore, the AC unit will capture the heat or heat the room air and throw it out of the room. That is so, the flow of coolant (refrigerant or commonly called Freon) in the cooling system air conditioning units work absorbs and releases heat in the room air. Then, what will happen when the furniture is damaged? Of course you will be 'little' bothered to look for a reliable air conditioning technician to fix it. Fix it yourself? This can be done. The trick is not difficult really. This book reviews the various types of damage to the AC and solutions to overcome them with an easy step. In addition, this book also covers how to install (installation) servicing air conditioning units and light that you can do yourself in your free time. Find all the discussion in this book.

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